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Pregnancy reveals how bad blacks are getting COVID-19

Normal everyday people like you or I aren’t rushing to get antibody testing, but it seems pregnant women don’t have an issue with it. 

Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine have been collecting data on this and came up with some interesting findings

  • Black and Hispanic pregnant women in Philadelphia tested positive for antibodies to the coronavirus five times as often as their white counterparts
  • One in 10 Black and Hispanic pregnant women tested positive for exposure to the virus, compared with one in 50 white pregnant women and one in 100 Asians.

Penn reiterates the reasons why and how black and hispanic patients have worse access to health care, on average, and that some may be mistrustful of the health-care system and less likely to get tested.

The pregnant women in the study, on the other hand, represented an unbiased cross-section of the population, as the blood samples came from all those who delivered babies at Pennsylvania Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from April 4 to June 3. The nearly 1,300 samples were collected for the purpose of obstetric care, and thus no consent was needed for the subsequent testing for coronavirus antibodies.

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