Children’s HealthWatch: A pediatric research network focusing on the impact of economic conditions and policies on child health. 

Multiple language translations of the Hunger Vital Sign™ 

The Hunger Vital Sign™ policy action brief How to use the Hunger Vital Sign™ to identify food-insecure individuals and households. 

Cultivating Healthy Communities policy action brief – How to effectively screen for food insecurity and connect patients with available resources. 

Food Insecurity Coding in Health Care Settings 

Implementing Food Rx Partnerships in Rural Settings – Case examples and materials. 

Cooking Matters: Teaches families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. 

Feeding America: A national hunger relief organization made up of more than 200 member food banks and food rescue organizations across the U.S. 

Map the Meal Gap: An interactive map showing state- and county-level food insecurity statistics. 

Food Insecurity Screening Tool Kit: A toolkit for physicians and health care organizations. 

Food Research & Action Center (FRAC): A national non-profit organization working to improve public policies and public-private partnerships to end hunger and undernutrition in the U.S. 

Addressing Food Insecurity Toolkit – How to identify and address childhood food insecurity. 

Obesity & Health – Find research and resources on hunger, health, and obesity. 

No Kid Hungry: A national campaign to end hunger and poverty by connecting children to programs like school breakfast, after-school meals, and summer meals. 

SIREN – Community Resource Referral Platforms: A guide on new technologies for health care organizations to document patients’ social and economic needs and facilitate referrals. 

USDA – ChooseMyPlate: Find reliable nutrition resources and interactive tools based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.