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Create Mutual Need Networks for the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic

The initial response to the coronavirus by the top people in federal government can be best described as painfully negligent. They didn’t take it seriously. They blew it off. They claimed they had it under control and it wouldn’t come to our shores. Fast forward to today and the nation is in a state of emergency.

The amount of help people who are going to need to get through this is not forthcoming from the government. That’s why able bodied people must come together to form Mutual Need Networks, community based resources to help people get the things they’ll need to fill in the gaps that the federal and local governments up to this point have refused to build.

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The household products that kill coronavirus

Coronaviruses are some of the easiest types of viruses to kill with the appropriate product, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

It has an envelope around it that allows it to merge with other cells to infect them. If you disrupt that coating, the virus can’t do its job.

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Chester young ladies give away 100 FREE lunches

dorsey food giveaway

Due to the school closures, it is a hard time for youth to receive meals. Therefore, Dah’Naija Barnes and Kryshell Gordy will be giving back to the city of Chester by giving out 100 FREE lunches on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 on 22nd and Edgmont in the Church parking lot between 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm.

Tell the youth to come receive a packaged lunch made with love.
They are looking to continue this friendly gesture throughout this pandemic, so donations would be greatly appreciated: @$krissyxx or @$naijbarnes .

Please spread the word!

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The Foundation for Delaware County announces DELCO COVID-19 Response Fund

MEDIA, PA (March 17, 2020) — The Foundation for Delaware County today announced a $100,000 contribution to the new Delaware County COVID-19 Response Fund. Established by the foundation on Friday, the fund is a partnership with area business, government and community partners.

According to the foundation’s president Frances Sheehan,

100% of donations will go directly to vulnerable communities in Delaware County by supporting the non-profit agencies that are already struggling to manage increased need for services at a time when they simply cannot operate with the usual resources and methods.

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What’s in your Pandemic Pantry?

When it comes to food, I’m a hunter not a shopper.

I’m sure it has a lot to do with my time living in New York sharing an apartment with too many people sharing limited refrigerator and cabinet space along with not having a grocery store within walking distance. But, what we did have in Flatbush Brooklyn were the best shops lined up one next to the other to acquire meats from the butcher; fruits and vegies from the fruit and vegie stands; dairy from the dairy; fish from the fish store; non-perishables from the storefront grocer; and baked goods from the bakeries.

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Chester Against Hunger offering meals to school kids

chester against hunger 2

Due to the awareness that some children only have access to 3 meals a day when they attend school Lamont Harris and David Ahki’s Place Nelson decided to provide lunch to all Chester School District children this week. (* while supplies last)
Carol HandlingMines Kazeem and Chester UpliftingProgram will assist in mission “Chester Against Hunger”.
Please share!

(I’m assuming it’s free. Though to string all this info together from various places with limited details)

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I bet we’re going to get a Health Department now

There has been a lot of noise in the paper about the issue of not having a health department in Delaware County which would come in handy right about now. In yesterday’s Delaware County Daily Times, they state…

Last week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced action by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide Pennsylvania with $16.9 million in funding to support coronavirus response. Pennsylvania Department of Health said … Delaware County will not receive any of this funding.

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Access for FREE for Coronavirus updates

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 4.56.53 AM is the website associated with the Delaware County Daily Times. They are the paper of record for the county and are doing a fabulous job reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Chester is in a STATE OF EMERGENCY

Due to the progression of the COVID-19 virus, a State of Emergency has been declared for the city of Chester.

In addition to the previous recommendations and in keeping with Federal, State and County standards, be advised that:
City government will only be operating to ensure essential functions. Regular trash and bulk trash services will not be interrupted. All other operations are hereby suspended. All City government buildings are closed to the general public.

All dine-in restaurants and bars are closed until further notice. Businesses that offer carry-out, delivery and drive-through food and beverage service may continue.

The Chester Emergency Operations Center is now open and staffed from 8:30a.m. to 4:30pm to answer any questions. The Phone number is 610-447-7765.

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Chester police official Coronavirus statement

police and Coronavirus