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5th grader creates Coronavirus public service announcement on YouTube

Jalen Starr is a fifth grade student at Swarthmore-Rutledge School who created an awesome Coronavirus video PSA.
Thanks to his teacher, Liz Corson, for sharing this with us.

Jalen is the son of Ron and Tyra Starr.
(My little recommendation is to add text or captions in future videos for the many people who watch these videos on mute or in high noise locations)

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The soundtrack of ‘Covid-19 Black’

Most don’t know I have been doing a music podcast called ‘Beautiful Black Music’ for a few years. I don’t promote it but somehow more than a few folks in the podcast space have discovered it and download every episode.
I give every episode some goofy title; usually some term describing my mood when I’m collecting the tunes. This time, Covid-19 was on my mind so I put together a collection of R&B and gospel songs that provide hope or just remind me of the times we’re in. I thank Rodney Bradley for a few suggestions.
They say ‘dance like no ones watching.’ Listen to this podcast where I sing along like no one is listening.
Listen and Chill. Hope you enjoy!
CLICK TO LISTEN ===> Episode 51. Beautiful Black Music. Covid-19