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One critical group of hospital workers are being overlooked during coronavirus

Once upon a time, I was married to a hospital pharmacist where I learned a lot about a profession I knew little about. We’re all familiar with the drugstore pharmacist who fills our prescriptions and many hospitals have a pharmacy on the first floor which is a popular place to get your meds upon discharge from the hospital or during a trip to see your doctor who may be located in the hospital building.

Few of us interact with the pharmacist who distributes the meds for the patients of the hospital. It’s easy to not give any thought to where the little cup of pills the nurse brings you comes from. It’s the hospital pharmacist that make that happen.

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DELCO COVID-19 map jumping 70 new cases a day

It seems like only a couple days ago Upper Darby was the only municipality in Delaware County in red. Now, 12 are red and they found a new color for Upper Darby when they topped 50 cases.

Chester sits at 8-cases which is trending toward 20 by the weekend (oh, I said I would stop predicting).

Let’s see how long Rutledge, Upland, Marcus Hook, and Lower Chichester can fend off the virus. 

With 70 news cases popping up in Delco each of the last 2-days, the curve isn’t getting any flatter. 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

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How accurate is the COVID-19 count?

I put as much faith in the COVID-19 count as I do the number the views this blog receives. Both are inaccurate although they both give you a sense of how things are trending. 

If I take a peek at blog’s stats, it’ll say a post has 25 views. Yet, if over 400 people subscribe and receive the post in their email and read it, those numbers never show up. If they forward the email to others, those numbers don’t show. I can think of a few more ways actual views don’t get counted, but overall, I can always tell which posts are trending over others, even though I know the actual view count is way off. 

With COVID-19, I heard a health care worker in NYC being asked if she thought the actual count was higher than reported. She answered, ‘By 10s of thousands.’ 

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How social distance and industrial safety training relate

Working several years in a refinery and other industrial settings qualified me to watch endless hours of safety videos; many over & over again. There’s one video that I remember more than all the rest and it metaphorically relates to the need for social distancing during the coronavirus.

This video instructs on the dangers of working in a confined space like an empty tank or vessel. It usually starts with methods on purging dangerous gases, testing to make sure it’s safe to go in, and keeping someone outside the vessel to watch you in case something goes wrong. Of course, since it’s a safety video, something goes wrong. 

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It’s time to stop predicting the DELCO COVID-19 curve

Last Monday, Delaware County was at 84 COVID-19 cases. On Tuesday I asked

Will we see 168 cases by Friday and 334 cases by Monday (March 30)?

I came in a tad low for Friday when the actual number was 190 cases, but I predicted 334 for yesterday and we’re at 332 today. Time for me to get out of the prediction business and find something else to do. This is too easy.

Stay safe.

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Who should be able to get an abortion during the coronavirus?

I’m almost 60-years-old and other than war, the only political fight I can recall has continued since as early as I can remember is the right to have an abortion. It’s one of those issues that never goes away and never any closer to resolving.

Now, in these coronavirus days, abortion is a big issue again because some state lawmakers are taking a hard line at stopping all abortions to save surgical masks and gloves for COVID-19 care. As if dealing with coronavirus isn’t enough for governments and their citizens, people are out here protecting a women’s right to an abortion in these scary times fighting lawmakers out here trying to save every mask and rubber glove they can.

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West Chester lays off borough employee differently than Chester City due to coronavirus

For my out of town readers, Chester, PA and West Chester, PA are separate municipalities, located in two separate counties, separated by about 18 miles. Chester City is in Delaware County and West Chester borough is in Chester County. These two places couldn’t be more different in demographics, wealth disparity, and livability. Yet, one thing seems common: both municipalities need to lay-off their staffs.

I was disappointed at the lack of information coming out of Chester City Hall regarding their layoff edict last week, and unlike Chester City, West Chester provides a lot of context to who, how, and why they’ve made the staff cuts they’ve made due to the coronavirus.

Let’s assume Chester City faced many of the same issues as I share what West Chester government officials had to say about their layoffs in today’s Delaware County Daily Times and Daily Local.

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Should you be ashamed you got COVID-19?

The media can make anything scarier than it really is. Using words like ‘infected with the virus’ and ‘died from the virus’ is technically correct but is making people ashamed to admit they have it. This is dangerous.

I listened to a doctor who is on the front line of COVID-19 care say getting coronavirus is the same as catching a cold. I have to admit, that sounded a little too casual, but his point was coronavirus is the same bad guy that gives us colds, but this coronavirus we’re dealing with today is new and different in many ways. Still, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re catching it in much the same way you catch a cold and all this talk about washing your hands and social distancing would greatly reduce common colds and flus if we took the same measures every cold season.

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Should Chester City be handling City Council meetings differently during coronavirus?

With Chester City Hall being closed to the public, city officials conducted their city council meeting to an empty room but broadcasted it on FacebookLive. My only issue had to do with how difficult it was to hear what was being said, and I offered a suggestion how to fix that.

I was encouraged to see so many people watched the meeting according to the number of views the Facebook page displayed. (However, I think they register a view after only 3-seconds of viewing).

One of my subscribers sent me information the state of Pennsylvania put out concerning public meetings during the coronavirus crisis. I copy & pasted it below for you to read. You decide if Chester City is following the advice from the state or not.

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You’re not getting a coronavirus check if you’re late on child support

I haven’t read the coronavirus relief bill, but I hope NBC News did when they reported…

Under a 1996 law, the Treasury Department operates a program that allows it to collect overdue child support by cutting or withholding federal payments as an offset.

I don’t think that’s cool, but I get it. What makes it less cool is they have similar ‘offsets’ against folks who have past tax debts, or are behind on other payments to federal or state governments like student loan payments, but everything has been forgiven besides those parents late with their child support.