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Chester is in a STATE OF EMERGENCY

Due to the progression of the COVID-19 virus, a State of Emergency has been declared for the city of Chester.

In addition to the previous recommendations and in keeping with Federal, State and County standards, be advised that:
City government will only be operating to ensure essential functions. Regular trash and bulk trash services will not be interrupted. All other operations are hereby suspended. All City government buildings are closed to the general public.

All dine-in restaurants and bars are closed until further notice. Businesses that offer carry-out, delivery and drive-through food and beverage service may continue.

The Chester Emergency Operations Center is now open and staffed from 8:30a.m. to 4:30pm to answer any questions. The Phone number is 610-447-7765.

Community News Coronavirus

Chester police official Coronavirus statement

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Chester Charter Scholars Academy giving out free student meals to their students

CCSA food
Click HERE to register

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Chester Community Charter School feeding any K-12 student who shows up

CCCS will begin feeding on Wednesday, 3/18, and will be serving from 9 a.m. until noon.

Like Summer Feeding and in accordance with Emergency Feeding Guidelines, food will be available to all K-12 children in the community, not just CCCS students. We will be offering two (2) meals, breakfast and lunch, and these meals are “Grab and Go” to be consumed off-premise. To ensure minimal conflict with the cleaning/sanitation of the building, all efforts will be contained to the cafeterias.

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What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?

Isolation and quarantine are terms used interchangeably but have slightly different meanings and intents when it comes to trying to control an infectious outbreak.

Isolation is for the people known to have acquired a disease.

If you are confirmed to be sick with a disease, it’s important to get you away from people who are healthy. It’s best to be placed in isolation to separate yourself from healthy people to prevent them from getting sick.

In hospitals, you know you’re in an isolation room just from how the air pressure is regulated lower than then the air pressure outside the room (or wing). When you come from the outside into an isolation room, the door is hard to open and when it does open, a rush of air is sucked in behind you to prevent any respiratory droplets from going outside of the isolation area.

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Results of closing restaurants and bars is different in Black neighborhoods

How would you feel if you went to bed last night to get ready for your early morning shift working at the breakfast diner and wake up to learn you are out of work for 2-weeks?

Pennsylvania’s governor, under the guidance of the Department of Health (DOH), using his authority under the state’s COVID-19 disaster declaration order, ordered all restaurants and bars to close their dine-in facilities at 12:01 AM on Monday, March 16 in Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties for 14 days to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses that offer carry-out, delivery, and drive-through food and beverage service may continue to do so, but eating and drinking inside restaurants and bars is temporarily prohibited.
In a small city like Chester with so few sit down eateries and several bars, I gave a little thought to who the governor’s decision is going to affect.

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Who is saying What about the Coronavirus in Chester?

Maybe it’s just me, but the City of Chester seems to be a tad cavalier in their communication to the residents about Covid-19, the Coronavirus.

If you haven’t already noticed, inner city poor communities are not the focus populations of those targeted to get information on the virus. Yet, we have the greatest potential for devastation if, and when, the virus hits. We live in close quarters, we have a large senior citizen population, our kids all have respiratory issues, we are disproportionately suffering from a variety of ailments the Coronavirus feasts on, and we don’t have the resources, health insurance, support, or knowledge to know what to do in the event of a major outbreak in the city of Chester.

Follow this blog. I’m going to dedicate this space to providing our community, and communities like ours, with the information we need to get through this world crisis that is bound to come down harder on us than mainstream America.

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Avoid the hospital Emergency Room if you can

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