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‘EU’ wins the battle over COVID-19

Chester’s Emmanuel ‘EU’ Gilbert was one of the first people in Chester to get COVID-19. Even before the county started taking count, he had it. He became the poster guy as the one who got COVID that made it real for a lot of us who may have been in denial in the early days of the outbreak.

Every update I got was worse than the one before. He spent nearly a month on a respirator. On two separate occasions I got calls that he wasn’t expected to make it through the night. I got to the point of only wanting to hear he didn’t make it or he was released from the hospital because the updates were too upsetting.

In the past couple weeks I got reports that folks were receiving phone calls from him. And then early this morning I saw him being wheeled out of Taylor Hospital on Fox News. I’m not accustomed to getting all emotional at 4:45am, but my oatmeal had to wait while I pumped my fist right along with him. Finally, some happy news in these couple months of mounting sadness.

Big Homie is home!

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