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Governor Wolf just became aware of minority COVID-19 issues in Pennsylvania

He doesn’t say he’s sending any testing our way, but he is urging medical facilities to follow a mandate from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to include race and ethnicity data in demographics with test results. He says, “We’re working to improve our data collection so we can get a better statistical understanding of how the virus has affected different groups of people.” They even started a COVID-19 Response Task Force for Health Disparity examining the impacts of the virus on minority populations, and working with leaders in those communities to collect feedback and ideas.

Still no testing going on here but the I guess some attention from Harrisburg is better late than never, huh?

The paper reports Mayor Kirkland said last Tuesday that ‘we want to get ahead of the curve. Chester residents mightbe suffering from certain preexisting conditions that make them more vulnerable, like high blood pressure and diabetes, making testing more important.’ He thinkstesting is desperately needed.

If we’re still trying to stay ahead of the curve with 175 cases, Chester is in for some explosive number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

After a month, still no COVID-19 tests in Chester. I hear Camden is starting community testing today if anyone has family over the river. 

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