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Would you like to be tracked by your Smartphone if you get COVID-19?

There have been several variations on how this thing will work, but supposedly it’s an app you can download on your Apple or Android phone where you voluntarily self-identify as one with COVID-19. Through Bluetooth technology, any phone that comes within close proximity to you for some set period of time will get a text that you just encountered a COVID-19 carrier. One article said you may even get a phone call and be told to self-quarantine.

The privacy folks are up in arms about the very real possibilities of this app launching in the next couple months. Considering the amount of money these two rivals are putting up to create these apps, I feel rather certain it’s not a hoax.

Given a choice, would you rather see someone wearing something that identified them with COVID-19 or be tracked on your cell phone? Obviously, you’re not getting a choice, but it’s nice to ask.

Read more on COVID-19 Digital Tracing HERE.

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