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One critical group of hospital workers are being overlooked during coronavirus

And then you have the president pissing off Iran by refusing to lighten up on sanctions that would help Iran combat coronavirus. They are so right to accuse him of medical terrorism. This is a global pandemic and every country should be helping the other get through this.

Here’s a quote from a Washington Post article…

Hospitals in regions experiencing a surge of coronavirus patients are struggling to maintain supplies of antibiotics, antivirals, sedatives required for patients on ventilators, and other drugs produced in countries where the coronavirus has shuttered or curbed manufacturing.

Although overlooked by a public focused on shortages of ventilators and personal protective equipment, hospitals are increasingly concerned about future shortages of lifesaving drugs as authorities in India and other countries producing the drugs try to guarantee supplies for their own people.

While we’re supporting and encouraging the front line workers in the health profession during coronavirus, don’t forget the pharmacists. You may not see them on the front lines but what they do, and what they are likely putting up with right now, is a fight to keep as many patients comfortable and alive as much as the doctors, nurses, and emergency care staff.

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