Young folks topping the middle aged folks with COVID-19 in DELCO

I saw an expert lady on TV speaking on how the 30-year-old and under brain doesn’t process social distance as older folks do. I can’t recall all her specifics but the big take away was how young people almost have a need to be associated in groups where that need diminishes as we age. In my words, young folks want to mingle and older folks want to be left alone.  

I’m sure there are exceptions in both age groups but it’s hard to argue how much easier it is for an older person to enjoy peace, quiet, and solitude of only a few close friends and associates, whereby young people are far more comfortable in larger group settings, even if it’s with a bunch of strangers. 

I felt the wrath last week from young folks angry with me for mentioning how large group gatherings aren’t safe during these time. They’re going to do what they’re going to do. Common sense be damned. 

Based on the county numbers, they’re paying the price. 

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