Broadcasting from home has a different look & feel during coronavirus

When I watch these news reporters broadcasting from home, I’m reminded of that guy who was interviewed live on BBC from his home in what looked like an official office until his daughter walked in followed by a baby in a walker and had to be dragged out by a frantic lady. To his credit, he apologized and kept on delivering his story. 

A lot of people being forced to work from home are finding it not to be as easy as they’d like. I have one friend sent home with a couple monitors, a computer, and a telephone and told to hook it up in time for work the next day so he can continue his call center duties. Without a workstation, he had to take up half the family’s dining room table. Without a sexy comfy swivel office chair, he had to suffer in a dining room chair. Without the ‘proper’ internet provider, he had to spend endless hours with the helpdesk and have the ‘unproper’ internet provider’s serviceman come to the home only to tell his helpdesk everything was connected correctly. He had to end up switching to Comcast internet to get thing working. 

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