I want to be Drew Carey for one day during coronavirus

As much as I wanted to turn the channel, I couldn’t. I imagined being host Drew Carey on stage watching Linda from Missouri ‘come on down’ after pretending she didn’t hear them call her name and needing the guy next to her to elbow her in the ribs before she gets up and high-5s everyone while she steps on all the people’s toes in her row before she damn near trips in her flip-flops running down the aisle to take her place in the front, always going to the wrong spot first. 

Linda from Missouri is wearing some funky tee shirt with some way-too-long hashtag while 13 people back up in the seats are making way too much noise going berserk for her while donning the same t-shirt. Drew Carey calms her down enough for the curtain to open displaying the karaoke machine they’ve got to bid on. Linda from Missouri wins the bid, but like before, she’s has no clue what’s going on and has to be told she won which creates a new phase of pandemonium in her and the 13 long hashtag wearing t-shirts in the crowd. 

Drew Carey gets a big hug as he manages to learn a little about Linda from Missouri before the curtain opens again for what she can win next. She obviously knows the game because she’s already screaming the answers to the hashtags in the audience. Linda from Missouri wins $1500 and seems happy. The little Asian lady won the big prize and she got a big hug from the new guy who opens the curtain. People were hugging all over the place.

I forgot about the big wheel. Here the top winners get a chance to shout-out anyone they want. Drew Carey had to remind some to do their shout-outs and had to get out the way of others. I can just see in his face that he knows this show, and the people who play it, are out of control.

I almost forgot what a crowd looks like. I haven’t been to or seen a game on TV. Morning shows and late night comics that used to feature real people in their audience now have hosts broadcasting from home. Social distancing has proven to be the best crowd control device ever. 

I’ve been thoroughly entertained for the last 20-minutes having a throwback moment watching America when it used to be fun. 

I may have to DVR the Price is Right for when I need a reality check in the future. 

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