I want to be Drew Carey for one day during coronavirus

I haven’t watched a full episode of the ‘Price is Right’ for decades, but this stay-at-home syndrome has me doing some unusual things. I’m am totally convinced this show is the therapy many of us need right now. 

When I landed on the channel, the first thing that caught my eye were all the people crowded up in the studio audience not giving a hoot about social distancing. It took a moment, but I figured the show was taped some time ago back when the world operated normally.

That’s where the therapy comes in. Where else are you seeing old fashioned normalcy? This show has regular ordinary people of all races, genders, and ages, from all across America, smiling, laughing, clapping, hollering, and screaming, and just acting a fool. When’s the last time we’ve seen that in our state-of-emergency society.

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