Coronavirus Health Opinion

How social distance and industrial safety training relate

The person in the tank collapses and falls out on the floor. The guy watching him goes in to rescue him. As soon as he reaches the guy, he collapses, too. A third guy sees the first two guys and goes to rescue them, only to collapse along with them. It’s usually the forth guy who realizes it’s not safe to go in there and calls for help.

During coronavirus, hanging out in crowds is like going in the tank. You can’t see who’s sick so you think it’s safe to go hang out with them. Before long, you find yourself sick, but before you showed symptoms, you may have gotten others sick. 

The examples aren’t identical but I think you get the idea that while coronavirus is floating around, this isn’t the time to even be the first guy stepping into an enclosed space – with a lot of other people. 

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