Coronavirus Opinion

How accurate is the COVID-19 count?

I put as much faith in the COVID-19 count as I do the number the views this blog receives. Both are inaccurate although they both give you a sense of how things are trending. 

If I take a peek at blog’s stats, it’ll say a post has 25 views. Yet, if over 400 people subscribe and receive the post in their email and read it, those numbers never show up. If they forward the email to others, those numbers don’t show. I can think of a few more ways actual views don’t get counted, but overall, I can always tell which posts are trending over others, even though I know the actual view count is way off. 

With COVID-19, I heard a health care worker in NYC being asked if she thought the actual count was higher than reported. She answered, ‘By 10s of thousands.’ 

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