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Who should be able to get an abortion during the coronavirus?

Being pregnant 3-months ago has to weigh differently on many mothers and families than it does today. Economics plays a big factor in choosing to have a child or not. Imagine a family out of work with no income thanks to coronavirus. Having a baby now could devastate a household. Even those who planned a pregnancy must be making tough decisions.

Even poor women forgo abortion when they consider their support networks and ability to bring a baby into the world, but how is a poor women and their baby going to survive today when she’s most likely out of work with no guarantee work awaits when the pandemic passes. Coronavirus has changed all those dynamics.

It seems almost crazy to think states are playing hardball on stopping all abortions. Their reasoning is ridiculous. But these are some of the same people who are committed to the long game which is to boost the population growth in America by any means necessary. We’re slipping badly in that area and can’t allow the non-white population, especially immigrants, to be the ones to become America’s workforce to prop up social security and other services. Oh, and yes, there are a lot of white ladies who get abortions. They’ll never admit it, but these are the ones these states are trying most to keep having those babies.

Here’s some of the language out there…

“The truth is abortion, for the most part, is an elective procedure that can be done later,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) said Wednesday.

How are you going to have an abortion later when it’s not safe to do after the 24 to 28th week of pregnancy?

With the pandemic curtailing elective procedures in many health care systems, officials in states including Mississippi, Ohio and Texas have argued that abortion should be considered an elective procedure. As such, they say it should be halted to free up personal protective equipment for personnel treating coronavirus cases.

It takes a Black women from New York to be in firm opposition to this logic…New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) on Thursday called on federal and local officials to ensure women continue to have access to safe abortion procedures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“To be clear, the coronavirus is not an excuse for federal, state, or local governments to curtail women’s reproductive freedoms or limit their choices. Any woman who wants to go into a doctor’s office or into a clinic today and get an abortion should continue to be able to do so,” James said in a statement.

She goes a step further considering the need to social distance and the risk of entering health related facilities right now…

“And for those who do not feel comfortable leaving their homes as we battle COVID-19, we are fighting to maintain women’s access to abortion and the abortion pill so that their reproductive choices are not limited,” she added.

Over the years, most states have complied with abortion law but have severely limited the number of places women can get an abortion. Imagine having to travel across the entire state of Mississippi to get to the one abortion clinic they allow as it’s against the law to go out of state for an abortion…

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) vowed he would take action against his state’s sole remaining abortion clinic if it provides abortions during the coronavirus outbreak. We’ll take whatever action we need to protect not only the lives of unborn children but also the lives of anyone who may contract this particular virus.

Wow. Isn’t he compassionate.

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