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Should you be ashamed you got COVID-19?

The hard part about COVID-19 is hearing about the number of people dying. In real numbers it’s a lot of people, but statistically, I’m hearing it’s between 1-4% of those who get the virus. Once a vaccine is developed and approved, we could likely expect COVID-19 deaths to be far fewer when it comes around again.

There’s a mixed bag of response to the people who admit to having COVID-19 and those that don’t. Some people are sitting at home sick as can be refusing to call their doctor or go to the hospital because they don’t want to know if they have it or not. We see some politicians, celebrities, and athletes coming clean with their prognosis and others prefer to remain nameless. Even in death, I’ve read obituaries of famous people where they list COVID-19 as the cause and others just imply it.

The only reason they’re telling folks to keep your ass home is because no one can tell if you have the virus or not until you develop symptoms. Because it’s so contagious, we need to stay away from everyone, as practical as that may be.

Yet, for those who actually have symptoms or know they have COVID-19, they should be required to warn people of their status.

I’d even go so far as to say this is the time to ignore that HIPAA law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) everyone keeps bringing up when you look on the county map and know there’s a couple dozen folks in your community that tested positive but they can’t name them because HIPAA says it’s a private medical matter that can’t be shared.

But, there’s some guy who was put on the sexual predator rolls 10-years ago that has done his time and I have no fear is going to rape me if we pass on the sidewalk or are on a city bus together. His name is public record – for my protection. I’m not saying one way or another if there should be such list, but during this coronavirus crisis there are known sick people out here among us potentially spreading the virus and we’re not allowed to know who they are.

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We call them Keyboard Killers or Mousepad Mobsters. They hide as anonymous afraid someone won’t like their view or opinion. They have no intend to defend their position. Most have valuable input, they just don’t want to own up to it. Suppose you could turn in your papers and tests at school as anonymous. No one would know your genius. I think a lot of folks are scared of their own shadow.


The Author knows this person. If not we’ll be at the brewery soon, For those who think they should FO!
I thought this was my local access to whats going on presented in Journalistic fashion.
I personally find this “article” distressing. My opinion. Your 2nd Amendment Right.
As usual very long, to the point ,note taken was required. I came to realize the content warrented no objective comment . Save a Nicca some time and identify if its a Editorial peice or a Journalistic piece.
With respect and Love Hometown to Biddy to the Brewery.
Error on the side of Caution. Church God bless them, the NBA something else yall worship , their Pos+ Per capita numbers aren’t shocking to you well OK. Iceland did it right. Without Surveillance Testing and Contact tracking like the health dept use to do with “VD”,we don’t know the real Impact of The virus?


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