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Should you be ashamed you got COVID-19?

The media can make anything scarier than it really is. Using words like ‘infected with the virus’ and ‘died from the virus’ is technically correct but is making people ashamed to admit they have it. This is dangerous.

I listened to a doctor who is on the front line of COVID-19 care say getting coronavirus is the same as catching a cold. I have to admit, that sounded a little too casual, but his point was coronavirus is the same bad guy that gives us colds, but this coronavirus we’re dealing with today is new and different in many ways. Still, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re catching it in much the same way you catch a cold and all this talk about washing your hands and social distancing would greatly reduce common colds and flus if we took the same measures every cold season.

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We call them Keyboard Killers or Mousepad Mobsters. They hide as anonymous afraid someone won’t like their view or opinion. They have no intend to defend their position. Most have valuable input, they just don’t want to own up to it. Suppose you could turn in your papers and tests at school as anonymous. No one would know your genius. I think a lot of folks are scared of their own shadow.


The Author knows this person. If not we’ll be at the brewery soon, For those who think they should FO!
I thought this was my local access to whats going on presented in Journalistic fashion.
I personally find this “article” distressing. My opinion. Your 2nd Amendment Right.
As usual very long, to the point ,note taken was required. I came to realize the content warrented no objective comment . Save a Nicca some time and identify if its a Editorial peice or a Journalistic piece.
With respect and Love Hometown to Biddy to the Brewery.
Error on the side of Caution. Church God bless them, the NBA something else yall worship , their Pos+ Per capita numbers aren’t shocking to you well OK. Iceland did it right. Without Surveillance Testing and Contact tracking like the health dept use to do with “VD”,we don’t know the real Impact of The virus?


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