Coronavirus Family Opinion

You’re not getting a coronavirus check if you’re late on child support

What bothers me most about this decision is recognizing how the government would rather punish a parent than support the child in need of support. Why can’t they just send the money to the parent who is owed the child support?

Oh, I get it. That would mean the government actually paid somebody’s child support, and lawd knows, we can’t have that.
I think back to the times I couldn’t keep up with child support payments due to being laid off. The mommies were always much more understanding, tolerant, and forgiving when they considered my situation than the family court system. The courts  behaved like there was something wrong with the mothers for trying to work out arrangements with me.

Parents must support their children as best they can. Too often, when the courts are involved, it gets far messier than if mom and dad worked it out together.

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