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Should Chester City be handling City Council meetings differently during coronavirus?

Probably, the real question is whether a FacebookLive city council meeting…

  • reasonably allows for two-way communication – I say yes
  • clearly explained to the public in advance of and during the meeting – I say yes
  • is available (preferably online) so that a full and complete record of the meeting is available to the public. – I say sort of

I qualify all my ‘Yes’ answers when I consider how many people are connected to Facebook in the city of Chester. As I always say, Facebook in Chester casts a wide net, but there are some big holes in that net.

The only recommendation I’d suggest would be to put the recording of the city council meeting on
For those people not following the Chester City Facebook page or aren’t on social media at all, they’ll just have to hope to read about what happens at city council in the paper. Considering the number of senior citizens in Chester, that amounts to a lot of people.

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