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I wish there was more information on Chester City worker layoffs

Call me an idiot, but $60 million would go a long way right now in the city of Chester. If nothing else, you can set up your own COVID-19 test sites without intending to request them in hopes that your government family will recognize you before their other family members. And, you can keep a lot of your own employees out of the unemployment line and the uncertainty of a job waiting for them when all this is over. If I were laid off from the city, knowing they don’t have the money now to pay me, I’d have no confidence they’d have the money 4-months from now when my full pay kick-in from the government runs out.

Franklin Institute employees who earn over $50,000 are taking a pay cut during the lay-offs. Are the city employees left to run the city doing anything like that? I honestly don’t know.
I feel really bad for anyone who has to try to navigate the unemployment process right now. I would guess the PA CareerLink offices are closed and trying to apply for unemployment compensation by phone is almost impossible during normal times. Folks can probably apply online, but even when things are running smoothly, the first checks are usually 4-weeks down the road.

I guess elected officials are never at risk of a lay-off. I imagine career politicians have no clue what a person with a regular 9-to-5 has to put up with when they’re kicked to the curb by their employer.

So much for all that balanced budget talk in Chester. With audits 3-years behind, how do they even know their own financial situation?

unemployment graph
Please don’t tell the folks at the Inquirer I stole their graph to illustrate the challenges ahead for those applying for unemployment right about now. 

2 replies on “I wish there was more information on Chester City worker layoffs”

I would think the cuts to City employees are either due to Harrah’s ceasing payments to protect their cash flow or to the City projecting a slow down in cash payments of taxes, which (I think) ordinarily would be coming in around now. Do we know anything about their cash situation?
On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 10:58 AM Chester Matters Blog wrote:
> SERoots posted: “I’ve been laid off a few times. It’s humiliating and > confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Once you’ve been through it > once, you are less stressed and somewhat comfortable navigating all the > baggage that unemployment dumps on you. I’ve always st” >


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