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Keep your Smartphone quarantined even if you have to go out

I’m surprised they haven’t employed ankle bracelets here in the United States to keep an eye on folks in quarantine, but maybe there’s a short supply of them like there are test kits and ventilators.

From what I read, those countries aren’t really watching people day and night, but they have means to check to see if you stayed home all week by checking your phone carrier location data. They’re also checking the facial recognition stuff that might be set up in some locations near quarantined people.

From the looks of things, the United States probably won’t get that granular. They seem to be on the honor system hoping people self quarantine and have someone else do their shopping for them. I’m willing to bet there’s some folks who are supposed to be in quarantine and have had the best intentions to stay home but had an emergency or very strong desire to leave the house for a little while.

The last thing you need is for the government to find out you’ve been roaming around outside of the house just from a simple check of your location data. Don’t think turning off the location setting on your phone will hide you. You’re phone company knows what cell towers you’ve been hooking up with.
Stay safe. Stay home. If you absolutely must go out, leave the phone home.

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