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Who’s going to stop these funerals in Chester during coronavirus?

All that being said, it’s hard for people dying these last few weeks to not expect to receive the same sendoffs from their families and loved ones. 

However, there’s another type of funeral that occurs in Chester which is in stark contrast to what I described above – the Muslim funeral. With so many people in Chester practicing the Muslim faith, and witnessing how common Muslim customs have integrated within the general Black community of Chester, it’s surprising how the custom of a Muslim funeral has not. 

I’m no expert on the Muslim faith but it appears they have what I’d call a graveside funeral. Their burial ritual normally takes place as soon as possible, sometimes the very next day, and include: collective bathing of the dead body; enshrouding the dead body in a white cotton or linen cloth; the funeral prayer; and the burial of the dead body in a grave. These ceremonies don’t seem to attract large crowds of people and are totally void of anything that would be considered a performance. 

There’s a pandemic going around. There’s a state of emergency declaration from the state and city telling folks to stop it with the large gatherings. But, we’re still doing it. 

This week in Chester there were a couple large funerals that I’m aware of right in the midst of a state of emergency. I was told one of the funerals even had Chester police officers present. 

This begs to ask, who enforces the rules of a state of emergency when it comes to funerals? Should the funeral directors refuse to conduct funerals? Should families make other arrangements and settle for a memorial service when the dusts clears? Is the advice of 10 or less people attending a funeral even practical? Should the police surround the funeral home or church and forbit large gatherings like this from occurring, funeral or not?

What good is a state of emergency if there’s no urgency in enforcing it?

20 replies on “Who’s going to stop these funerals in Chester during coronavirus?”

Well maybe if you do something about all the murders in the city of Chester you wouldn’t have to worry about burying 15 year old babies.


Well spoken. I feel for those who have lost a love one during this pandemic. Certainly the family and friends of the deceased are aware of the risks and perhaps decided to take the risk to attend the funeral of their loved one just as they do when they’re going to the crowded supermarkets to feed their families.


So disrespectful on the highest level maybe if Chester didn’t have so many unsolved murders you would have to worry about 15 year old babies getting buried 😠


NO ONE CAN STOP WHAT GOD BRINGS TOGETHER 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 DEVIL GET BEHIND THEE. YES WE HAD A FULL SERVICE ONE TRAGEDY OF A LOVING RESPECTFUL YOUNG MAN AND HIS TRAGEDY SAVED A LOT OF PEOPLE LIFE YESTERDAY. #BallLikeRicky has left this earth and OUR FAMILY GRIEVES but God said I brought my angel home and at the cost of that I lot of young people gave there life to Christ at his funeral. So I must say to whomever had a problem with his funeral. All you had to do was stay home. SEE IF GOD IS FOR US THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US. GOD SAID EVEEY KNEE SHALL BOW. THE FAMILY WOULD LIKE RO THANK EACH AND EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SHOW THERE LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR #BallLikeRicky 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Thanks For keeping it classy Nettie. Continue to Stand FIRM on the Word of GOD.
How dare he post such an article while a Family is grieving.
Touch Not My Anointed.


If your gonna write anything be correct a guy didn’t suddenly die he was just a baby asshole. It’s cool til its your own family.


Well maybe if y’all do something about all the deaths in Chester you wouldn’t have to worry about funerals and burien 15 year old babies.


This is rude and need to be take down immediately and I want whoever wrote this to personally contact me you fucking animal how dare you even walk as a human an think some shit like this


You are so wrong on all levels the young man was not into anything like bad he was really a great kid for you to go write a blog about something like that is fucking terrible you are really worried about the wrong stuff go worry about the unsolved murders go worry about how guns are getting back on the streets.. If you can’t worry about any of those things go to hell


The person who sent me the pick told me it was someone else’s funeral. I’m so sorry for all the pain this post has caused. I’ve read your comments and deleted the post. I was wrong.


You need to watch what roles off your tongue when ppl are still grieving and I don’t think that this is an appropriate article to right. Why didn’t you speak about how this funeral had a great impact on the way all those young black men gave their life to Christ just for BALLLIKELIKRICKY. You need to be shut down and we will make it happen with the help of our community who feel that you have no heart or filter.


U were wrong on so many levels which shows and tells us a lot about u with that disrespectful ass article u wrote then for the asshole who took that pic from a incident child’s funeral is furthermore disrespectful it was not the right time for you to speak on any fact of the lost of anyone right now because if it was your family would u be worrying about any quarantine protocols you knew exactly what u was doing and writing you piece of shit smfh


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