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Chester gets 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

Chester had a couple COVID-19 cases last week but they turned out the be bogus for some unexplained reason (or at least none I came across). Now, we have two new cases I don’t think are related to the last two cases. I’d love to research that more, but this is all the available information out there I know of.

The Delaware County COVID-19 map is on fire. On Tuesday when the county was at 84 cases, I asked if we’d get to 168 cases by Friday. Today is Thursday and we’re at 159. What do you think?

No signs of flattening the Delco curve, yet.


One reply on “Chester gets 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases”

We fixing to have a serious problem thats larger than Delco and Chester. The Continuing failure of the Feds will kill many.
On the political front Chester is being failed by the invisible Opposition.
I Think potential of our dilapidated assets are being craved up and Devoured but not benefit the Citizens.
40 years of dysfunctional government. We have a diamond in our Overtown but something keeps it dirty and unrefined ,SIN.


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