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Chester gets 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

Chester had a couple COVID-19 cases last week but they turned out the be bogus for some unexplained reason (or at least none I came across). Now, we have two new cases I don’t think are related to the last two cases. I’d love to research that more, but this is all the available information out there I know of.

The Delaware County COVID-19 map is on fire. On Tuesday when the county was at 84 cases, I asked if we’d get to 168 cases by Friday. Today is Thursday and we’re at 159. What do you think?

No signs of flattening the Delco curve, yet.


1 reply on “Chester gets 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases”

We fixing to have a serious problem thats larger than Delco and Chester. The Continuing failure of the Feds will kill many.
On the political front Chester is being failed by the invisible Opposition.
I Think potential of our dilapidated assets are being craved up and Devoured but not benefit the Citizens.
40 years of dysfunctional government. We have a diamond in our Overtown but something keeps it dirty and unrefined ,SIN.


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