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Atlanta entrepreneur creates fashion masks for coronavirus

Due to shortages of masks, my daughter has stepped up to create homemade masks for health care workers and regular everyday people trying to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.

She specializes in creating fashions for women and has done work for celebrities, gospel music divas, reality TV stars, and R&B songstresses. She’s the go-to gal for Carnival costumes and prom dresses. She’s also won the top award for costume creation for high school plays in the entire state of Georgia.

Yesterday, we were having a FaceTime moment and she was wearing one of her latest creations – The Mask.

Never to be outdone, she has a line up of men and women’s masks that are high fashion.

They are built real filter material, washable, and very fashionable.
She cobbled together other family members to help in the production and can knock out about 25 mask a day if they can all get along all day (inside joke).

There’s already a demand for these masks at $19.95. If you want one, get in line. They are still trying to catch up to fill pre-orders.
Don’t you just love creative people?

The link to learn more and make an order:

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