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Chester City to layoff employees due to coronavirus?

I hope it’s only a rumor, but several City of Chester departments are slated for layoffs effective March 30 with their last paychecks being issued on April 3. This comes as a result of conference call to the department personnel earlier today.
Yet, according to earlier today…

  • U.S. Senate leaders agreed to the massive $2 trillion economic stimulus package on Wednesday morning, following five days of negotiations and two failed votes.
  • …the funding is for state and local governments
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, says the bill will include $150 billion in aid for states and local governments.
  • That money will go to “states and localities who are so hard pressed because of all the new expenses that COVID-19 puts upon them, and because they’re not getting the resources they usually get,” Schumer said.

Are all of elected officials failing to help Chester City? Let’s take a roll call and see if any of them respond:

  • Delaware County Council
  • State Rep Kirkland
  • State Senator Killion
  • US Senator Casey
  • US Congresswoman Scanlon

How about a tax anticipation note with Harrah’s money as collateral?
Any HUD money out there?
Where’s the Delaware County Economic Development Oversite Board when you need them?
I shouldn’t assume. Maybe the City of Chester haven’t made the calls to these folks yet and all this is premature. If not, maybe these folks might want to call the City of Chester and let them know what they can do if they’d like to shed embarrassment for allowing layoffs in Chester with money available to avoid exactly this type of thing.
The last thing we need are more people in Chester out of work right about now. If there’s money available from the government earmarked to help government, let’s figure out why Chester isn’t getting any of it.
Is the Chester-Upland School District laying off next?
READ: Laid off City Workers to be fully compensated

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