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Chester City Council Meeting via Facebook Live

Due to the coronoavirus and the need to shut down City Hall from the public, today’s City Council meeting was held in an empty chamber and broadcasted on Facebook Live. With the number of people who viewed it, this seems to be an effective way of reaching far more people than can sit in chambers and see a city council meeting in person.
It lasted about 15-minutes and they agreed to keep the State of Emergency Declaration going; demolish Pulaski School to make way for a recreation center; and approved something with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
No one emailed or called in any public comments.
I imagine they’re recording on a Smartphone which gives a decent image, but it’s hard to hear what they’re saying most of the time. Speaking louder would help or get one of those mics you can plug into the phone to pick up sound a lot better.
These mics are well under $100. Here’s what they look like.
iphone mic

One reply on “Chester City Council Meeting via Facebook Live”

It took a virus ? Citizens been asking for years for Chester city to Modernize and have CC, ONLINE or some sort of television meeting. It was to the advantage of our Hired Politicians.
Though they had a Hood AV set up. It was typical not to hear a Motion to secure adequate equipment to transmit Our Council meetings. If what the street says is fact and they laid off people the funds should be available.
A commitment should be established to improve abd maintain televised meetings into the future.. Our City Government has always fought any movement towards Modernity.
Parking Authority is an example of doing a half Ass job, overpriced and no App at time they rolled it out for the Citizens to bank roll their friends new cushy Jobs. For now earphones help with the poor audio. We should apply the same diligence to televised meetings that was applied to the Mayors Office. If the office is as Fab as rumor has it?


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