Coronavirus Opinion

‘Black News Channel’ doing better with coronavirus coverage

Now my take on Black News Channel. They launched in February and it took a little while for Comcast/Xfinifty to get on board. When they did, instead of it being another channel to choose from, it’s a $3.99 subscription that’s an internet channel  (I still haven’t figured out their internet channel stuff). I wanted to give Black News Channel a shot, so I subscribed.

It’s not bad, but it’s not great. They intend to bring a 24-hour Black news coverage, but is there 24-hours of Black news out there? I’ll answer that for you – No. A lot of their content are the same stories I’m getting everywhere else. Yes, they have Black hosts but its not quite hitting my sweet spot on Black news coverage.

But then coronavirus hit. In an instant, Black News Channel has stepped up their game and brings the Black experts on, talks about situations unique to Black America with the virus, and really is doing a great job covering this topic from a perspective the other news networks aren’t. Therefore, I’m still subscribed.

The networks and big cable channels give me too much Trump and stories that don’t resonate with me. Between Newsy and Black New Channel, they’re getting most of my attention when I take the time to turn on the TV.

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