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COVID-19 must make you forget where you live

Last evening I checked the county map of COVID-19 case and noticed the 2 cases in Chester were reduced to 0. Was it an error removing them off the site? Did these two ladies get miraculously healed in 24-hours? Did they just disappear off the earth (but not die because they would be listed as COVID-19 deaths on the map)?
I wanted to ask someone but I had no clue who to ask. The few people I thought to ask have been too busy to answer my other questions and I didn’t want to call the local hotline because my curiosity wasn’t an emergency.
The Delaware County Times comes to the rescue again this morning with an article stating…

The city Office of Emergency Management announced Monday night that two cases in Chester had been reported in error. The city currently has no identified cases.

I think we deserve an answer as to why they were reported as Chester cases and all of a sudden they’re not Chester cases. It stains the reputation of the map if errors like this are widespread or at least not explained.
Chester gets wrongly blamed for a lot of stuff. Looks like COVID-19 cases are the latest stain on the city.
There is good news from the mistake. Finally, Chester’s Mayor, or Health Bureau, or Emergency Management team, or all of the above, are talking about a testing site located in Chester.
Maybe those two ladies forgot where they lived, but at least they gave Chester the gift of a potential COVID-19 testing facility.

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