Coronavirus Education Submission

A message from Chester Charter Scholars Academy Head-of-School/CEO

“At this time, we do not know when the school will open, but the learning must continue. We are doing everything in our power to continue the instructional program and ensure that students will be prepared for graduation, promotion and overall academic achievement. The entire CCSA community has come together to ensure that teaching and learning can continue remotely with minimal disruption.
Several days before the closure announcement, our teachers were working to prepare lessons for home instruction in case the unthinkable occurred. As a result, students left school on the day of closure prepared to continue studies at home equipped with binders, workbooks and necessary materials. Presently, students are working online, if possible with teacher support, or with comparable printed assignments. At least two times per week, teachers speak with each individual student to monitor accomplishments and provide instructional help. Additionally, The Andrew L. Hicks Foundation is partnering with CCSA to provide free 30 minute 1-on-1 telephonic or online tutoring sessions.
We are conducting a technology access survey to determine what additional supports our families may need. We will use this information to strategize about ways we can ensure equitable access. It is worth noting that Comcast has made internet access free for the next two months for low-income families who qualify. We shared the information with our families and helped some to apply.
For the duration of the school closure, CCSA will continue to provide free breakfasts and lunches for students, which can be picked up at our building.
As we anticipated, our teachers have shown great initiative and creativity in this challenging time. Some examples:

  • Theresa Cummings, Math Lab teacher, initiated open office hours in BlackBoard Collaborate, for math students who need extra help.
  • Shannon Damico, second-grade teacher, set up a YouTube channel to read stories to her students.
  • Drama teachers Alyssa Franklin and Jenn Camp have asked students to write and perform a monologue.
  • English Teacher, Jessica Coulter, created “cookie points” in Google Classroom to encourage participation.

We will face many challenges in this pandemic, but CCSA will not lose momentum. The work we do and the students we serve are too important to delay. I assure you that we will continue to act vigorously to care for our CCSA scholars, our faculty and our staff.
I pray that you are healthy and doing everything you can to stay that way. Thank you for your encouragement and good wishes. I will continue to let you know how we are helping our students to meet their academic goals through this trying time.”
Akosua Watts

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