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Please don’t let a dog die of coronavirus in America

I knew my buddy was lying when he told me a dog died of coronavirus. I haven’t been locked into the TV these past couple days and if they did announce a dog dying, I probably did miss it.
I looked it up on the undefeated internet, and low and behold, a dog did die in Hong Kong from what is believed to be caused by the coronavirus.
Apparently, the dog got sick, the owner – who did have Covid-19 – took the dog to the vet where he was tested and found to have Covid-19, too. They put the dog in quarantine for a few days and after two positive tests 24-hours apart, they felt the dog was safe to go home where he died a couple days later. The owner refused to allow the dog to be autopsied, but it’s believed to be the first case of a human-to-animal transfer of coronavirus.
Lawd have mercy if a dog dies in America from coronavirus. The country will go bonkers. People, especially white people, love their dogs. To think that a dog could get the coronavirus and actually get tested blows my mind but I could see it happening in America. And then to administer two more tests before sending the dog home is outrageous but probably perfectly alright for dog lovers.
It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I love seeing people enjoy their dogs. I just don’t want one. Dog’s know I don’t have a clue what to do when they’re around. I don’t know if I should pet them or hide from them. I’d never be mean to a dog but I ain’t trying to be their friend either.
Here comes the racial part for those of you who’d prefer to stop reading now.
If they are giving coronavirus tests to a dog, that probably means one less poor black person will have a test available to them with the scarcity of test kits in America. Maybe Hong Kong has enough test kits left over that they can afford to use a few on the infected canine population. We obviously haven’t gotten to that point here in America.
Don’t let me hear a dog got a coronavirus test in the USA. Who knows, they’ll probably try to blame Michael Vick for that, too.

One reply on “Please don’t let a dog die of coronavirus in America”

dogs no matter who they belong to black or white deserve to be treated as well if they are supected of being positive for the virus. the city of chester isnt being ignored by anyone but the mayor and city counsil that for no good reason got re elected. there are no racial matters with the virus and the government response. the population in the country has gotten to big for everyone who needs help to receive it. people are just a different form of animals no better than any other animals roaming the planet


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