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Coronavirus has killed birds flying through Chester

Mother nature is amazing. It’s as if birds have a calendar in their nests to know to start chirping in the morning on the first day of Spring.
I woke up the last couple mornings to the welcoming melodies of whatever the birds are trying to communicate with their pleasing cacophony of sounds.
They haven’t mentioned this on the news, but there is one bird that normally flies through Chester every 30-seconds, every day of the year, who has been killed by the coronavirus. A few of the birds have survived and come through the city occasionally, but it’s eerie not having the normal flock coming through.
As cruel as it might sound, I’m really glad they’re gone. I know it’s only temporary, but I welcome their absence right about now.
Unlike these sweet sounding birds of spring hanging out on telephone wires and porch railings, the coronavirus victims have a loud and disturbingly obnoxious sound. If you’re not familiar with which bird I’m talking about, let me explain it with a bad joke…

Why do Blacks and Puerto Ricans talk so loud?

Because they all live near airports.

With the airline industry virtually shut down to commercial traffic, cities like Chester that are near a major airport and directly in the flight path of planes taking off and landing, we are getting a welcome reprieve from the noise.
For most of us, we probably don’t notice the difference because we’re so used to the brief interruptions throughout our day. For guys like me who wake up early, I can almost tell you the exact time of day without looking at a clock as the first early morning flight approaches Philadelphia International Airport and flies over Chester at about 5:15 am every morning. Every 30-seconds after that until about 11:00 pm, those birds just keep on coming.
The coronavirus doesn’t bring a lot of benefits, but for the moment, I’m enjoying the silence.

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