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The Coronavirus Law of Relativity

I was good at physics but could never understand Einstein’s Law of Relativity. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time and space are not as constant as everyday life would suggest. Oh, how that applies today.
If you listen carefully to the experts talk about the spread of the coronavirus, some have said things like, what you see today is a result of two weeks ago. It’s sort of hard to comprehend just like Einstein’s theories.
Those physics problems had my head spinning trying to figure out what time period I’m in if I travelled far away in space at such a large rate of speed. Listen, I have a hard enough time on New Years Eve understanding how I’m watching the ball drop in Australia when it’s still daylight outside where I am.
Coronavirus has its own relativity. Actions not taken two weeks ago leaves you in the situation you’re in today, and actions not taken today results in worse outcomes two weeks down the line.
What confuses many of us is seeing how things are being shut down around us and nobody looks sick. That’s the same way I felt in school when, in my mind, the time in space should be the identical time I see on my watch. Why does science say that’s not so?
If it helps anyone, treat coronavirus relativity like a weather map. We’ve all seen how the weather systems move from one part of the county to the other, and with pretty good accuracy, the weather lady can tell you exactly when it’s going to rain in your city and how many inches we’re going to get.
Right now, take a look at Italy and Iran. See what’s going on with coronavirus over there. Their government treated the virus just like we’re treating it around here.
In school, I asked the professor to help me understand relativity but it didn’t do any good. In America, the professor is sitting right over there in China and South Korea, but we would rather not ask them for help despite the evidence on how well their response to coronavirus has been.
So, we’ll just sit and wait for the storm to blow through from Italy and Iran and see how much rain we get. No matter what, a lot of us gonna get wet.

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