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The Un-United States of America needs Black parents to run coronavirus policy?

This country needs some tough parenting right now and I don’t think white folks are up to the task. I know this sounds racist and it should. If no one told you, or if you had no idea, there are two totally different styles of parenting between white homes and old school black homes. Unfortunately, even the young Black parents have acquiesced to the new modern way of parenting and it’s helping to destroy the Black community.

We should take a moment and bring together a bunch of old school Black parents and create an advisory council to the President of the United States to offer real world guidance to show him how to shut this county down today.

I’m certain there’d be a lesson on how to pull a switch off the tree; how to identify which end of the belt is most effective; methods for locating the Hot Wheel Tracks; a description of a cat-nine tail; an explanation for why we need to borrow that extension cord; the efficiency of a back-hand; and the physics of a thrown shoe.

Come on United States. Get united for now and sort out the hard feeling later. You’re literally killing us.

Dry twigs
If you just see a collection of twigs, you’re probably white. Black folks see an arsenal of switches

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