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The Un-United States of America needs Black parents to run coronavirus policy?

In one sense, it appears the president is finally taking this pandemic seriously. On the other hand, he’s using his authority like a white parent afraid to spank their 50 kids (the United States) and deciding to put them in time-out instead while each of them come to grips on what they’re doing wrong while playing X-Box after hot yoga and a venti latte.

It’s difficult for me to watch how the New York governor is playing the president as his state is a known hotspot for coronavirus as he’s negotiating FEMA, testkits and other things before he shuts the state down.

For those of us Black folks old enough to remember getting paddled in school by your teacher and then being greeted with a whuppin’ by your parents when you got home knowing how familiar they are with all means of corporal punishment, you understand that it might be okay to bring that lifestyle back in America for a little while to save a few thousand lives.

You can say what you want about President Obama but the one thing he is is Black. I don’t think he’d get on national TV kindly telling young folks to ‘Please cooperate with us’ as these clowns are doing.

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