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My Coronavirus Survival Kit

A lady clerk at the check-out line said if she gets the coronavirus and dies, it was her turn. The way she said it didn’t indicate she wasn’t taking precautions, but she has resigned herself not to worry.
There’s probably something there for those who are anxious about what’s to come in the next days and weeks as we will likely see an uptick in folks affected and the sad reality that folks are going to die here like they’re dying all across the globe.
The good news is the reported percentage of folks who survive the virus is greater than the number of people who die, if that’s any consolation.
Considering the conservative number of people who will come down with the virus is 40% of the population, a lot of folks are going to be sick for a week or two. Dry cough, fever, body aches, and a runny nose is a pretty sure sign you got it and whatever over the counter meds you’re accustomed to taking may provide some relief. Of course, you should call your doctor to get professional advice and if prescribed medicines, make sure you ask if those over the counter remedies are still safe to take.
The coronavirus takes a more serious turn if you get pneumonia type symptoms. If you have difficulty breathing, it may require a trip to the hospital. Otherwise, avoid the hospital at all costs. It’s the most unsafe place to be right now.
Coronavirus Survial Kit
Here is my collection of coronavirus combatants: Rubber gloves, cough drops, a thermometer, hand sanitizer, bar soap, liquid cough medicine, a couple boxes of tissue, disinfectant spray and disinfectant liquid cleaner. It’s not a lot, but I hope it’s enough.
In the cabinets and ‘ice-box’ are easy to prepare foods that don’t require a Rachel Ray cookbook to complete. Oh, I do have a few rolls of toilet paper, too.
Hopefully, if the virus hits me, I can survive with these supplies and sweat it out in self-quarantine doing a lot of Netflix-and-chill.

2 replies on “My Coronavirus Survival Kit”

Good post, Stefan, but I do want to highlight one issue: if you have a runny nose, it is probably NOT the corona virus. The data I saw out of China said that only 3% of patients had a runny nose. So: if you have a runny nose, be grateful. It’s probably something less serious.


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