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How to ration food with hungry kids?

I’m absolutely not providing advice on this one. I’m counting on those of you who are stuck at home with several mouths to feed to help one another learn how to stretch the food you have on hand.
One thing I know for sure, I want to eat a whole lot more when I’m home all day than when I’m running these streets. During these time when I definitely have a lot more food in the house than normal, it’s taking some deliberate self-discipline to not stuff my face all day long. Thankfully, the one thing I gave up for Lent is pastry. Otherwise, I’d be scarfing down a daily Phatso’s doughnut in the morning, sliding a tasty dessert along with lunch, and justifying a cookie or two for a night time snack.
Kids know nothing about self-discipline. All they know is there’s food in the house and they should be eating it. Now that they’re home all day, unless you put a lock on the cabinet and refrigerator, you could find a week’s worth of groceries annihilated in days.
And then there’s those of us who aren’t stocked up with food. We may have lost our only source of income in the past week or so and have no money coming in to replenish. I believe Washington, D.C. have heard from a lot of you and that’s why they’re pushing to get money in the mail as fast as possible. Without it, anarchy can set in quickly.
Schools tend to believe they’re only going to be out for another week, but please be prepared for a much longer hiatus. Those free lunches everyone has been providing may dry up soon. Some reports show that in the first few days, not much of the free food was given to the people they thought would come for it. Why? Because they probably had a little food at home to get by.
Our biggest food insecurity issue will occur starting next week and get progressively worse the longer this state of emergency goes on. If you have food you are looking to give away, hold on to it for a little while. It won’t be long before many of the other ‘flash-in-the-pan’ food give aways will be done and you’ll be there to fill the gaps.
I’m reminded of a lady who had a newborn child who said it’s so nice when people give you all those newborn diapers. But, where are they when the baby is nine months old and is still in need of diapers long after the tiny ones run out?
I can’t imagine what some households are going through now for food, and we’re less than a week into the shutdown. Stores are starting to restock from the initial surge and the lines are gone around here. I can’t imagine everyone is stocked up to the gills. I can imagine that despite there being food back on the shelves in the stores, food is running out on the shelves at home along with the money to continue to feed your family in the manner they’re use to.
What can we do to help our neighbors, family members, and friends? Will the government check get to everyone on time with enough money to make a difference? How many people will be giving away free food in two weeks?
These are difficult times that may get a lot more difficult sooner than we anticipate.
What’s your suggestions?

2 replies on “How to ration food with hungry kids?”

I would like to add the following suggestions; Big pots of soup, black eye peas, spaghetti, lima beans, grits, oatmeal, stew, shepherds pot, just to name a few. Breakfast could include grits, oatmeal, pancakes and home fries. We have to get back to basics. You can put the dinner in freezer bags. Think about the immune boosting vegetables and herbs that you can add to each meal; Berries, turmeric and garlic to add a view.


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