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Larimer Beer Company Brewery stays open in Chester

Being regulated by the State Liquor Control Board, Larimer has found a way to operate within the law which prohibits folks from gathering inside or outside their building to drink. They simply set up a table just outside the huge bay door and take orders for beer to go.

What’s so great about this concept is Larimer’s ability to can-up everything they have on tap at a moments notice, either in a 32 oz crowler or in a 4-pack of 16 ouncers. If you’re like me, you place your order hollering out the car window in the middle of the street (keeping sufficient social distance) and swing by 15-minutes later to pick it up.

Owner Matt Lindenmuth expressed how disappointed he is that he had to layoff his entire staff during this period but he’s trying to determine if home delivery service could work to get a few of them a couple hours of pay.

With the Philadelphia Union’s opening game cancelled last week and the eventual reality that the brewery had to shut down, it hasn’t been a fun couple weeks for Chester’s newest entrepreneur. As a brewery, there probably won’t be much opportunity to craft a lot of brew with delivery services being shut down and ingredients being tougher to acquire.

In the meantime, while supplies last, head on down to Front and Engle and get that great drive-by craft beer. Matt will be around for a few hours to take your orders (Tue-F 3-6ish – Sat-S opening around noon).

You’ll be happy you did.

One reply on “Larimer Beer Company Brewery stays open in Chester”

Great post, I’m gonna try to get over there tomorrow
On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 6:00 PM Chester Matters Blog wrote:
> SERoots posted: “In terms of a work week, Wednesday is my Friday, and like > most people looking to unwind at the end of the week, I often head over to > Larimer Brewery for a craft beer since it’s only a few blocks from the job. > With everything being shut down, I thought fo” >


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