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What’s in your Pandemic Pantry?

I’m not going to tell you what to buy, but the family in front of me at Sam & Sam grocery store spending nearly $200 with a cart full of chips, cereal, cases of Tasty Kakes, 2-liter sodas in every flavor, and large bags of candy must plan to ride it out snack heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll destroy a Butterscotch Krimpet with the best of em, but let me have a bowl of spaghetti first. A box of microwave popcorn will last 10x as long as a big bag of chips for the same price. Be a smart snacker.

Meats had flown off the shelves at Sam & Sam and the deli counter had at least a 45-minute wait. Smart shoppers were gathering the last of the milk, eggs, and bread and a lot of canned goods. I’d suggest getting the things you enjoy that can be stretched over many days. Canned and frozen things work best in a crisis even if you normally prefer the fresh offerings. Microwave stuff is convenient. Swanson TV dinners would be making a killing if they were still around. Remember, this thing could go into the summer so instead of trying to get everything at once, get a few things at a time and stock up.

Chances are the stores will restock and we’ll be able to go back like normal people and get the things we need without much drama in a week or so. If you aren’t comfortable going out in the public, call one of those grocery delivery services (see this blog post for details).

For the life of me, I do not understand the mad rush on toilet paper. What have folks been doing before this crisis to survive with just a few rolls in the house? For now, the shelves are empty. American’s have an issue with toilet tissue.
I’ve personally never been one to keep hand sanitizer around. But, I do value soap and water. There is plenty of soap in the stores for now. I suggest you go get some before people realize how effective it is at cleaning things.
Always a good thing to have around the house, especially during flu season. A can lasts most of the season and it doesn’t take much of the liquid to mix up a bucket for wet mopping and surface cleaning. If you can find some, nab a can or bottle. You don’t need a case.
Bottled water is so expensive. I’ve been trying to convince folks to get the best water filter you can afford because tap water is 100-times less expensive than bottled water. I don’t know anyone who has died from having a glass
of tap water. It’s delivered to your house from the treatment plant who are regulated to make sure it’s drinking quality water. Ideally, fill a glass pitcher with tap water, do not cover it with a lid, let it sit in the fridge overnight. All the chlorine gas will escape and the ‘bad’ taste will disappear.
The liquor stores in PA are closed for now. I know for a fact the hoarders are going to be bootlegging the bottles they nabbed in the days leading to the store closings. Stop n Go shops that stay open will probably be selling beer and malt liquor with a side of Boones Farm strawberry mango. I hope they locked up the liquor stores real good.
Folks are out here scared. Reports indicate all ammunition has flown off the shelves wherever you can find it. It might be time to ‘Hide the Kids, Hide the Wife,’ turn on the alarm day and night and batten down the hatches to protect what’s yours.

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