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I bet we’re going to get a Health Department now

Just to remind you, that interview was conducted in 2017.
Yesterday’s Daily Times article goes on to list where health departments exist in Pennsylvania and I was surprised to see Chester City missing from that list since the city web site lists a health department headed by Livia Smith. After looking more closely, I was wrong. It’s called a Bureau of Health and Ms. Smith is titled Director of Public Health Services. What’s confusing is on the city website under Forms and Permits, there’s a link for Health Department Forms. Didn’t Chester have a health department at some point in the past?

In Pennsylvania, there are six county health departments – Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Erie, Montgomery and Philadelphia – and four municipal departments – Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre and York City
Delaware County is the only county in the Philadelphia metropolitan area without a health department. With its 560,000 residents, it vies for attention and resources from the Pennsylvania Department of Health along with 60 other counties.

7 replies on “I bet we’re going to get a Health Department now”

That use to be the Health Department back in the 70’s and 80’, the it became the weak fare office u til it closed down due to deterioration


Chester had a whole Health Department when the Republicans were in office.. Check it out…
Not just a name…. Director and Employees


Back where I came from (the Niagara frontier) the Health Department came in pretty useful. They set up well-baby clinics and mass immunizations at the fire hall, and gave the kindergartners their first dental exams (the big chair with the “ears” was set up in the nurses’ office). Free dental checkups and fluoride treatment were also available at the health department building (set up in a historic Roycroft building, which is how that building survived). My parents didn’t make much, so that was how we got medical care.


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