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Create Mutual Need Networks for the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic

The most vulnerable members of our community will not have access to the bear minimum needs to survive whatever is to come in the coming weeks. How will this impact our seniors who are the most in need? They must stay isolated and in some level of bubble of safety, yet they need to have the things to survive like the rest of us like food, basic hygiene, and medicine. Isolated seniors need someone to check in with them.

How can we establish a system to be in direct contact with these folks? Is every elderly person in Chester accounted for? Do each of them have a family member, friend, or neighbor who they can reach out to or who will check in with them daily? Is there someone who can run to the store or pharmacy for them or get them connected to a food delivery service? Is their home clean? If they get sick, can we get them medical services or get them to a doctor or hospital?

How can we build relationships with the many seniors that reside in Chester’s senior housing units and in public housing? Is anyone compiling a phone list for the elderly that anyone can access to do those checks?

So many people are home from work with nothing to do. Will someone put a plan together to build a social safety net for our elderly?

We must do something in our own communities to look out for each other because it’s clear the system is not looking out for us. Find and adopt at least one senior citizen for the next few weeks. Your efforts could save a life and the lives of many others right here at home.

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