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Chester is in a STATE OF EMERGENCY

Please do not be alarmed if Police, Fire or EMS personnel interact with you differently. Our first responders are taking extra precautions for your safety due to the number of people they interact with daily.

Regular and bulk trash pick up service will continue as normal.
Beginning Tuesday, 3/16, students of the Chester-Upland School District will be provided “Grab and Go” breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday from 10a.m. to 12:30p.m at the following locations:

  • Chester High School – 200 W. 9th Street, Chester
    Stetser Elementary School – 808 E. 17th Street, Chester
    Toby Farms School – 201 Bridgewater Road, Brookhaven

Please also consult the following for additional information:
1)  1-877-PA-HEALTH
2)  1-800-722-7112

W.C. Rigby
Fire Commissioner
Emergency Management Coordinator City of Chester



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3 replies on “Chester is in a STATE OF EMERGENCY”

I’m sure it’s grately appreciated but what happened to the kids on the west end of the city. There should be somewhere for them to get meals on this end of the city.


Chester has been in a State of Emergency for 25 yrs due to the homicides, drugs, gun running. mental health, turf wars and last but not least; financial corruption within pur school district, local, county, state government. The only University in Chester has more power then the people from the Community of Chester. Every township and borough has benefited financially and doing well except the only city of Delaware County “Chester.” The good and strong positive people of Chester are helping their Community. You just don’t hear about it enough. Thank you to all those that are on the frontline and fighting to turn our Community not back but forward for a greater future. In Honour of my brother Bill.


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