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What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?

Quarantine is for healthy people known to be exposed to a disease.

Quarantine is designed to restrict the movement of people who are well but have been exposed. People who are known to have been exposed can walk around freely while in quarantine but to not come in contact with others. That’s why it’s recommended that basketball players who came in contact with the one player found to be infected were immediately recommended to go into a self-quarantine.

Quarantine is almost like a house arrest because you are free to enjoy the luxury of staying at home, but for 2-weeks you are not to come in contact with any other people, unlike being in isolation where you are already sick, probably getting treatment, and are on lockdown from anyone except medical personnel.

You can go from quarantine to isolation if you develop an illness after being exposed. There is not a case for you to go from isolation to quarantine since you won’t be released from isolation until you are cured and safe to be among the healthy folks.

One reply on “What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?”

This virus kills by destroying weak or damaged or elderly lungs with a deadly pneumonia.
If you are a heavy smoker or you have asthma or COPD or any kind of lung disease, you are very high risk!!
Please stay home!


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